q-sharp whydunnit what?

This is q-sharp whydunnit, where I’ll be sharing the unedited thinking that eventually gets laundered into the essays and books I publish on unstacked platforms. It’s not quite a draft, not quite a newsletter, not quite the airing of a writer’s process, it’s….a writer’s dirty laundry? a riff on a favorite line from Muriel Spark? (Yes, yes it is.) You can expect posts casual enough to allow for ellipses and ampersands, 19th-century & stodgy enough to quote Henry Jame, just rushed enough to respond to what’s going on online. 

I’m an American writer, critic, teacher, and the author of The Exhibition of Persphone Q. After ten years in New York, I currently find myself living in Geneva, Switzerland.

If you’re new to my work, you can check out this short story in The Paris Review, this excerpt from my novel in The New York Times, or this recent essay in The Nation.